To Understand Art, Trust the Artist: (or, “No, You Don’t See A Face in the Clouds”)

Implicit in the unspoken contract between artist and audience is (and must be) the assumption that the artist has said exactly what s/he meant to say. This demands from the audience a state of non-judgmental attentiveness and of trust. We can’t enter into a relationship with an artwork with the assumption that we are receiving […]

Snapshots and Photographs: Director’s Cut

[Revisiting and revising an article from three years ago. ]  Here’s the same subject portrayed in a snapshot and a photograph.  Before you read my ideas, what’s your take on the difference? Snapshot:   A photograph taken on the fly, for the purpose of quickly recording a situation. With exactly zero care taken with technical […] is moving to The Grid

It’s an exciting day, because after much waiting and biting of fingernails, my invitation to The Grid beta has arrived! I sense you scratching your heads. The Grid is a new site engine that is powered by Artificial Intelligence.  Based out of San Francisco, the engineers of The Grid seek to revolutionize how web sites are […]