A warm welcome to readers both new and current.                                           .

My name is David Roddis, and I am a Toronto-based fine-art photographer.

As Florian Photo/Art I create extraordinary, large-scale, photo-based floral artwork that aims to astound.

I call this endeavor “The New Flower Photography”, an admittedly grandiose declaration which is a direct response to those who grit their teeth, roll their eyes, smile patronizingly or otherwise via their anatomy make it known that flower photography, to them, will ever be an exclusively amateur pursuit, utterly lacking in gravitas, and destined to yield no more than pretty snapshots destined for Flickr (that is to say, oblivion).

My monomania is also a response to those who do not understand either the concept or the value of pursuing one path with whole heart and single mind.  They urged me to “add a few landscapes” or “do a bit of portraiture”.  They were, and are, wrong.

I began in 2011, with the purchase of a Nikon 105 mm prime lens for my camera, an idea of “doing things differently”, and not much else to go on in terms of guidance, direction or encouragement.

I did, however, have a “secret mentor” – the NYC-based artist Christopher Beane¹, whose monograph “Flower” changed my world and my perspective.

His rapturous, larger-than-life photographs of orchids, peonies, irises, tulips, ranunculus et al. astonished me with their sheer scale; seduced me with their texture, detail and intriguing abstraction; and sparked my imagination with their quirky-beautiful backgrounds – Murano glass, nail polish (!) – playfulness and frank sexuality.

(I say “secret mentor” because Mr. Beane was never actually my real-life, in-the-flesh mentor but only indirectly, by means of his monograph; and because he is, I presume, unaware of my considering him my mentor, or for that matter, of my existence.  I imagine meeting him at an opening, calling him “my secret mentor”, and watching as he backs away, slowly…).

Most of the works seen on this blog are for sale.  To purchase both limited-edition and open-edition prints, and for a full portfolio of my work, visit my main website, davidroddis.com

Enjoy exploring this blog.  To receive an email notification when I add new content, use the “Follow” button located in the right-hand sidebar menu.  To access this area, as well as the actual blog posts from 2011 to the present, click on the three horizontal bars in the top right corner, and the menu items will, thanks to the miracle of HTML5, appear.   Blog posts are under – BLOG.   And while I think to mention it – has an unlovelier word than “blog” ever appeared in the English language?

Thanks for stopping by.

Best regards,

David Roddis
Toronto, May 2nd, 2015.

¹ To view Christopher Beane’s work, visit his representing gallery, Jim Kempner Fine Art.

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