Point and Shoot? A great way to get your feet wet.

The first camera I owned as an adult – and I use the term loosely – was the Canon Powershot A590 IS point and shoot camera. (Link to the “archived products” section of Canon e-store Canada). By pro standards, it definitely was a consumer item and a lightweight; it had a small LCD screen that didn’t even flip out or rotate for convenience.  It produced images of 8 megapixels; the aperture on the zoom lens ranged from 2.8 to 8.0 only; it shot only jpgs.

The Canon Powershot A590 IS, from those far-off days of 2008.

The discontinued Canon Powershot A590 IS, from those far-off days of 2008.

But now that I look at it again, this modest-seeming camera had some important and truly pro-worthy features:

  • Aperture priority, Shutter priority and full manual modes available.  Just like a grown-up camera.  (Great for someone of the tender age of 53….).
  • A real optical viewfinder. (To me, that “chimping” at the LCD screen was, and still is, a hallmark of the amateur:  amateur in the sense of “doesn’t give a damn if the flash always goes off”, not amateur in the true sense of doing it for love);
  • exposure compensation and flash compensation functions.
  • choice of white balance and drive modes
  • could even take additional converter wide / telephoto lenses

And ideal for a nervous beginner was the fact that, when you changed your settings, the LCD preview updated to show the effect, so you could instantly ascertain the relationship between your shutter speed and your aperture and your ISO settings.  (If that’s what you wanted to do, and I did.)

Not to mention that it produced, and still produces for me, quite acceptable small videos, perfect for online.  Quite a smashing little powerhouse, for a mere $150 at the  time.

If you are just starting out in photography, or just want to test the waters, I highly recommend you use a similar point-and shoot-as your “training wheels” camera.

Get yourself using full manual mode most times – but don’t neglect the special “scene” modes.  Not to use them as an unthinking crutch, of course not – you have more integrity than that, right? – but to analyze the results and the reasons for the results.

What aperture, ISO, and shutter speed did the camera set for a “night scene” or a “portrait”?  Read online, reverse engineer your results then reproduce them using Manual mode.

Use your p&s camera as a learning tool and you’ll soon be ready for that shiny new DSLR. Or even one of the new mirrorless cameras… I’m betting they are going to be the new wave.

But PLEASE, Virginia - learn how to turn off your flash, and why you might want to.

I have my health to think of.

Last chance to see “Dahlia Bacchanalia”…

Last chance to see my exhibit… Today.  Finishes at 5.

Bittersweet feelings… sad to see it go, but so proud of myself, and grateful for the support I’ve received.

David Roddis, “Aubade” (2014). Triptych (right panel), each panel 30 x 20″. Archival pigment print face-mounted to acrylic.

Akasha has my undying gratititude – everyone needs someone to believe in them and give them a break.  Sonja and Kelly at Akasha Art Projects gave me that gift, and the amazing opportunity of this show.  The rest – is up to me…

By the way, Akasha is in my opinion one of the top framing shops in the city – they do impeccable work.  And they are artists themselves, so they… UNDERSTAND.  That’s rare.

Visit Akasha Art Projects at 511 Church St, Suite 200, in Toronto, to see their latest exhibit – they are a photography-dedicated gallery – and for your framing needs.



My show “Dahlia Bacchanalia ! and other Floral Frenzies” has been extended through Saturday, March 22nd!  

Yes, my pretties, that means six more days of the Bacchanalia that is Dahlia.  This means that any slackers – sorry, people who have been snowed under with work - will be able to squeeze in a visit.

This final week I will be at the gallery for an hour each day.  Check out Akasha Art Projects on Facebook, and I will post my times there.

Also be aware that, through the gallery, I am selling a special edition of the shadow-box prints at 22 x 17″, unframed.  Prices start at $650.

A quick view of my exhibit

David Roddis
“Dahlia Bacchanalia ! and other Floral Frenzies”
new floral photographic art

Akasha Art Projects
511 Church St, Suite 200


Gallery Hours

Mon-Weds 10-6 pm
Thurs – Fri – 10-7 pm
Sat – 11-5 pm

For more information please call 647.348.0104


Your last chance –

–  to be part of my first solo photographic exhibit is TODAY, March 15th, 2014.

“Dahlia Bacchanalia!  (and other Floral Frenzies)”,
Akasha Art Projects,
511 Church Street, 2nd floor,
Saturday: 11 am to 5 pm
Gallery contact : 647.348.0104

Be sure to sign my guestbook when you go.

It’s important to me that others in the world will have seen my work, will have enjoyed it, or hated it, or engaged with it.  It’s important that the memory of my first solo show will be in your mind, carried out into the world.

It’s important to me that you realize that I was trying to say something to you – despite my faltering attempt, despite my lack of vocabulary.  I think I was trying to say,

“We’re all in this together, my pretties…”


"The Death of Primavera". Archival pigment print, 40 x 30". Edition: 1/10. © David Roddis, 2014. All rights reserved.

“The Uninvited Guest”. Archival pigment print, 40 x 30″. Edition: 2/5. © David Roddis, 2014. All rights reserved.

What do you most want to hear about in my artist talk?

I’ve spoken in public about 200,000 times, and each time I have the same reaction – not exactly fear or anxiety, but a feeling of real responsibility: a feeling that I’m obliged to give my best.  And most of all, the talk is for YOU, the listener, more than for me.

David Roddis, "Petal Study:  warm spectrum" (2014).  Archival pigment print, Edition of 5.  30 x 45".

David Roddis, “Petal Study: warm spectrum” (2014). Archival pigment print, Edition of 5. 30 x 45″.

What would you like to hear about in my artist talk? Technical information? The meaning, if any, of the images or theme of the show? How I decided on the selections?

Please send in your questions and comments – I’ll do my best to address them.